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We assist in all possible company operations: establishment, merger, acquisition, demerger, transformation and liquidation.



We love innovations and related matters. In our work, we use the Internet, telecommunications, IT and new media on a regular basis



We are active on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, offering advice both to equity and bond issuers and to investors.


Firm overview

Chabasiewicz Kowalska and Partners is a specialised law firm. Our main asset is our team, encompassing people with broad knowledge and many years of experience. Such a team is a guarantee that any complex and non-standard project may be successfully completed, while thorough preparation, consistency and innovative ideas make us highly efficient.


We support NGOs and initiatives with high social significance. We provide consultancy services free of charge for persons in need.


We participate in trading on all markets of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We also act as Authorised Adviser for NewConnect (stocks) and Catalyst (bonds).

We are and affiliated member of the polish chamber of digital economy

We consider e-commerce an important sector. As a partner of the e-Chamber, we provide workshops and training for its members and we participate in the legislative process.

Indian desk

Together with our Ukrainian partners, we provide consultancy services to Polish companies operating abroad and businesses from the East in their investment in Poland.


18 August

Magdalena Golonka, legal counsel and ...

Business law, real property and e-commerce: these are the areas of law in which Magda Golonka has been specialising for years.  She is the author of many press publications related to the real property market. She offers training for enterprises, including courses dedicated to real property agents, managers and appraisers. Magdalena Golonka specialises in business law, including e-commerce. She provides advisory services for her clients, in particular with regard to current corporate services; she participates in negotiations of key contracts for her clients, as well as in organisation and coordination of due diligence processes for international companies. Magdalena Golonka graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia. In 2006, she graduated from Columbus School of Law - The Catholic University of America. Since 2007, she has been a member of the Regional Legal Counsel Association in Krakow, entered in the list of legal counsels under the number Kr-1952. She has gained her professional experience in Krakow-base law firms, as well as by performing representative functions in legal departments of companies related to the real property market. Contact us if you are interested in legal assistance. http://ck-legal.pl/en/

11 August

Tomasz Koellner, a CK legal expert in...

Copyright law, advertising law, combating unfair competition, Internet law and personal rights protection: these are some of the areas of expertise of Tomasz Koellner, a lawyer at Chabasiewicz, Kowalska i Partnerzy. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University (2011) and he is a member of the Krakow Bar Association. He gained practical experience in Krakow-based law firms, specialising in legal advice related to business, both Polish and foreign, in particular with regard to civil law, intellectual property law, combating unfair competition, personal data protection, personal rights protection, or all aspects of electronic commerce (e-commerce). He is the author of many publications in scientific and legal journals. Apart from services in Polish, he also offers legal services in English and is fluent in Spanish. In case of any questions or the need to support your operations with the professional experience of Tomasz Koellner, please contact us. http://ck-legal.pl/en/contact/

09 August

Energy: new obligations for businesses

After substantial amendment of the Energy Law and implementation of the Fuel Package and the Energy Package, the legislator has imposed further obligations on businesses including companies unrelated to the energy sector. The deadline to comply with them is approaching. By 20 August 2017, enterprises from the energy sector having concessions for the production of liquid fuels or for the trading in liquid fuels with other countries, as well as importers, are obliged to submit a new report on the types and quantities of the produced, imported and exported liquid fuels to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. The reporting obligation is regular and subsequent reports should be submitted within 20 days after the end of the month to which the report applies. Delays in submission of reports are subject to a fine amounting to PLN 10,000 per each delay. Another obligation has been imposed by the Act on energy efficiency in force since October 2016. In accordance with the Act, selected businesses are obliged to carry out an energy audit within 12 months from the date of adoption of the new legislation. This obligation applies to enterprises that meet any of the three following criteria: employment size – at least 250 employees; net annual turnover over EUR 50 million; or total annual balance sheet value exceeding EUR 43 million. According to the data published by the Energy Regulatory Office, by the end of May 2017 only 4% of the obligated entities fulfilled that obligation. Time is running out, as the deadline is on 30 September 2017. Consequences For failure to comply with the statutory obligation to carry out an energy audit, a company may be subject to a fine amounting up to 5% of its annual revenue. Our Firm provides comprehensive legal services for companies from the energy sector. We will assist you in fulfilling your disclosure obligations imposed by the legislator and we will offer you support in each process of your operations. Contact us: http://ck-legal.pl/en/contact/


Client testimonials

Law Firm partners have good understanding of the specific nature of work for international corporation and provide quality services. When selecting our legal counsel, we compared offers from other law firms, but CKLegal proved the best for us, given their guarantee of reliable solutions, as well as fast and substantial assistance.

Dariusz Bratoń, Chairperson of the Management Board of Novatek Polska Sp. z o.o.

A fully professional and individual approach to each client. Our cooperation with CK-Legal allowed us to save a lot of money and prevented possible problems. The Firm provides effective assistance in disputes with business partners or in appeals against unfavourable official decisions.

Małgorzata Curyło, Chief Marketing Officer, Simply User

CK-Legal has been assisting us in most legal matters since years ago. They look after the legal side of all our M&A activities as well as advise us on intellectual property issues. They are efficient, agile and effective. We can always count on their ability to react quickly and manage multiple processes simultaneously. I always recommend them as lawyer

Krzysztof Zdanowski, Chairperson of the Management Board, Summa Linguae S.A.