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Investment agreements

Investment agreements are complex, multi-phase and often multi-stakeholder transactions. The contract between the investor and the business initiator sets forth rules governing matters such as company recapitalisation, cooperation among shareholders, the right to share in profits, and an exit from the investment.

What do we offer?

  • Developing and negotiating preliminary terms of the transaction (termsheet, letter of intent).
  • Developing rules for the investor entry into the company, cooperation among shareholders, corporate governance, and exit from the investment.
  • Preparing and carrying out a legal due diligence as a prerequisite for the investor’s entry into the company and for the conclusion of an investment agreement between the parties to the transaction.

Why CK Legal?

  • We support clients in the preparation of full transaction documentation, including the investment agreement and the shareholders’ agreement, amendments to the articles of association/statutes and collateral documentation.
  • We are involved in the entire investment process from the drafting the NDA through the review of the initial terms of the transaction, the due diligence process, the negotiation of the various clauses of the investment agreement and the articles of association/statute to the closing of the transaction and the preparation of collateral and post-closing documentation.

We help draft investment agreements for both start-ups, mature companies (A series, B series), Venture Capital/Private Equity funds and Business Angels.

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