Pro Bono

Charity Work

Since its inception, CK Legal Law Firm has been carrying out pro bono publico activities, providing free advice and support to those in need.

The organisation we cooperate with on a daily basis

The Beautiful Angels Association helps the poorest children by improving their housing conditions.

8 Kolowa St., 1st floor Edison Office Building, 30-134 Krakow


Volunteer work: competence building

Agata Kowalska cooperates on a daily basis with the Women in Law Foundation which aims to integrate the legal community, and exchange knowledge and good practices not only among active female lawyers, but also among female students, trainees and young members of the legal industry.

Our team cooperates with the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA), the largest non-profit association of law and administration students and graduates, as well as with the Chamber of Electronic Economy.

We also provide pro bono legal aid to associations and foundations.

Economy of values

In our business we think long-term, largely driven by intangible assets. We consciously focus on corporate social responsibility. Solid foundations in the form of values related to people’s needs, a fair approach to cooperation, mentoring, charity work and getting others involved in it, create an environment in which – aside from expert work – we have a sense of mission, which we gladly fulfil every day.

Wolontariat kompetencji

Together with our Indian partners, we advise Polish companies on operations in India and entrepreneurs from Asia on investments in Poland.

Ekonomia Wartości

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