Transactions M&A / CORPO

Domestic and international mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions are a key area of our expertise. We support business sales and acquisitions, as well as transactions undertaken by strategic and financial investors. We view each transaction on a case-by-case basis, factoring in market expectations.

What do we offer?

  • Planning the legal and tax structure of the transaction.
  • Organising and executing the due diligence process (including vendor due diligence and virtual data room).
  • Support in the preparation and negotiation of transaction terms (term sheet).
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts and other transaction documents (including SPAs and disclosure letters).
  • Drafting the notification of intent to concentrate and representing the client before competition authorities and regulatory bodies.
  • Advice on the closing and settlement of transactions.

Why CK Legal?

  • We specialise in advising entrepreneurs selling their business (not only in the form of company), including to strategic investors and financial investors (e.g. private equity funds).
  • We manage the sale of shares (including from listed companies), organised parts of the enterprise and individual assets.
  • We carry out management buyout (MB) transactions.
  • We manage leveraged buyout (LBO) transactions.
  • We prepare shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements.
  • We handle company merger, demerger and transformation transactions.
  • We look for ways to optimally structure and carry out transactions.
  • We prepare sellers and their businesses for sale.
  • We assist in selecting solutions that effectively limit the liability of sellers in a transaction.
  • We put emphasis on sellers’ safety and comfort so as to make the transaction a success for them.

We work on behalf of strategic and financial investors (including private equity funds), sellers, buyers and target companies, investment banks advising on transactions, banks and funds financing transactions. We provide services to domestic and foreign companies alike.

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