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Employee stock option plans

An incentive stock option programme is a way to motivate your employees to stay in the company for the long term!

What do we offer?

  • Preparing short- and long-term options for management board members, key managers and other employees.
  • Analysing the compensation structure of management board members and key managers.
  • Selecting the right type of financial instruments for ESOP, including their analysis and pricing.
  • Structuring ESOPs and implementing the proposed programmes.
  • Drafting ESOP regulations and resolutions of corporate bodies.
  • Analysing proposed arrangements for tax consequences.
  • Designing programmes tailored to specific managers/key employees.

Why CK Legal?

  • We help attract and retain talent of key importance to company performance.
  • We create programmes for increased employee engagement and integration into the organisation.
  • We help keep a lid on payroll costs.

This offer is for you if you have multiple employees of key importance to your business.

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