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We assist in all possible company operations: establishment, merger, acquisition, demerger, transformation and liquidation.



We love innovations and related matters. In our work, we use the Internet, telecommunications, IT and new media on a regular basis



We are active on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, offering advice both to equity and bond issuers and to investors.


Firm overview

Chabasiewicz Kowalska and Partners is a specialised law firm. Our main asset is our team, encompassing people with broad knowledge and many years of experience. Such a team is a guarantee that any complex and non-standard project may be successfully completed, while thorough preparation, consistency and innovative ideas make us highly efficient.


We support NGOs and initiatives with high social significance. We provide consultancy services free of charge for persons in need.


We participate in trading on all markets of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We also act as Authorised Adviser for NewConnect (stocks) and Catalyst (bonds).

We are and affiliated member of the polish chamber of digital economy

We consider e-commerce an important sector. As a partner of the e-Chamber, we provide workshops and training for its members and we participate in the legislative process.

Indian desk

Together with our Ukrainian partners, we provide consultancy services to Polish companies operating abroad and businesses from the East in their investment in Poland.


09 July

Client Summa Linguae Technologies - D...

India, is a country full of differences but also business potential. Understanding the business culture was a very important part of the cooperation for our law firm and our client. Did anything particularly surprise us?In India you don't say no. All the time we were getting information that everything will be done on time even... if it won't be, because you don't refuse during a conversation. This taught us how to communicate in a different way - you have to construct questions in a completely different way, in such a way that there is no direct negation in the answer. It was a very interesting experience.Another element that surprised us, in terms of the transaction itself from the legal and financial side, was that the original documents are sealed by the state with such meticulousness and density that you can hardly read what is written. Even reading the act of association of the company with the seals stamped in the middle of the page, right on the text, proved to be a challenge.... CDN...We are separated by miles we are united by #business.

15 June

Client Summa Linguae Technologies - D...

Chabasiewicz Kowalska & Partners law firm was the Polish legal advisor to Summa Linguae Technologies on the signing of an investment and cooperation agreement with Indian company Mayflower Language Services Pvt Ltd (Mayflower). Summa Linguae Technologies is a NEW CONNECT-listed company that supports global entities in solving all their multilingual data challenges. Using data, automation and human expertise, it develops linguistic solutions for data and content localization. Our law firm has been SLT's legal advisor since its inception. Working with a company from India, a country with such a booming economy, was a huge challenge, both legally and business-wise. How Summa Linguae Technologies remembers this decision today:This decision was driven by the idea that this is a huge market with potential: many languages, dialects and spoken varieties. At the time we saw two important elements in this: one was a very large market and a foothold in Asia, and the other was our backoffice center that supported the entire production. This is where our team was the most numerous for several years. Our beachhead for Asia is Bangalore (Bengaluru) in India, which is the largest outsourcing center in the world. CDN...We are separated by miles we are united by #business.

25 May

WE SUPORT business from idea to success

It's still hard for startup owners in Poland to get external funding. What if the idea is brilliant, but there are no specific funds available? At Chabasiewicz, Kowalska & Partners law firm we know such situations! We support our clients in choosing alternative forms of raising capital. We assist start-ups in choosing the optimal form of business and advise on how to effectively protect the idea, which is the greatest value for the start-up. We are a law firm that takes a business from idea to success!  


Client testimonials

Law Firm partners have good understanding of the specific nature of work for international corporation and provide quality services. When selecting our legal counsel, we compared offers from other law firms, but CKLegal proved the best for us, given their guarantee of reliable solutions, as well as fast and substantial assistance.

Dariusz Bratoń, Chairperson of the Management Board of Novatek Polska Sp. z o.o.

A fully professional and individual approach to each client. Our cooperation with CK-Legal allowed us to save a lot of money and prevented possible problems. The Firm provides effective assistance in disputes with business partners or in appeals against unfavourable official decisions.

Małgorzata Curyło, Chief Marketing Officer, Simply User

CK-Legal has been assisting us in most legal matters since years ago. They look after the legal side of all our M&A activities as well as advise us on intellectual property issues. They are efficient, agile and effective. We can always count on their ability to react quickly and manage multiple processes simultaneously. I always recommend them as lawyer

Krzysztof Zdanowski, Chairperson of the Management Board, Summa Linguae S.A.