16 September 2021

Client Summa Linguae Technologies - Destination India

Client Summa Linguae Technologies
Direction India

India Has been recognized as one of the most promising destinations outside the EU for Polish companies and more important markets for investments. Poland, in turn, is India's largest economic partner among the countries of Central Europe.*

Working in the Indian market was an extremely valuable experience for us. We got to know a different business culture, learned how to communicate and what legal and financial barriers are there.

Agata Kowalska: We have been advising Summa Linguae Technologies Since beggining, when it was still a small translation agency in Krakow. Over the following years, the company developer organically and through takeovers. We participated in All these transactions as a legal advisor. Years of cooperation and the trust that Summa Linguae Technologies Has placed in us,have resulted in a stock exchange debut and a great perspective for further development of the Company.

How does evaluate the cooperation with our Law Firm Anna Pietruszka Chief Strategy Officer at Summa Linguae Technologies? Cooperation with CK Legal is an extremely dynamic process, carried out in a very high transparency of relations, with active listening from Agata Kowalska side and her team, and in great courage to undertake non-standard solutions.

We are separated by kilometers and we are connected by #biznes.