09 July 2021

Client Summa Linguae Technologies - Destination India

India, is a country full of differences but also business potential. Understanding the business culture was a very important part of the cooperation for our law firm and our client.

Did anything particularly surprise us?
In India you don't say no. All the time we were getting information that everything will be done on time even... if it won't be, because you don't refuse during a conversation. This taught us how to communicate in a different way - you have to construct questions in a completely different way, in such a way that there is no direct negation in the answer. It was a very interesting experience.
Another element that surprised us, in terms of the transaction itself from the legal and financial side, was that the original documents are sealed by the state with such meticulousness and density that you can hardly read what is written. Even reading the act of association of the company with the seals stamped in the middle of the page, right on the text, proved to be a challenge....

We are separated by miles we are united by #business.