08 December 2015

Magdalena Golonka speaks at the event industry meeting: HSSE, Or How To Organise a Safe Event

We were invited to speak at the POLAND CLUB MPI meeting HSSE, Or How To Organise a Safe Event, held in Bristol Hotel in Warsaw. Magdalena Golonka, a Legal Counsel from the Firm, discussed legal aspects of event organisation. Participants were mostly interested in matters related to the protection, processing and provision of personal data to other parties. Magda talked about the protection of the image of conference speakers and participants, as well as about the protection of the logos and trademarks of organisers and partners of conferences and events. Moreover, she presented the procedure for obtaining permit for the organisation of a mass event and the need for the organisers to meet all applicable formal requirements. During the campfire session, Magda discussed with the participants the key components of contracts with event partners and subcontractors on the basis of selected case studies.