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The Firm is the Authorised Adviser on the Warsaw Stock Exchange markets: NewConnect (equities) and Catalyst (bonds). Issuance of securities is a perfect solution for companies seeking financing; it opened the Polish capital market not only to small and medium enterprises, but also to local self-government units. Both Polish and foreign companies are eager to seize this opportunity.

An Authorised Adviser is an entity providing comprehensive services related to the issuers' operations on NewConnect and Catalyst. Complex procedure and restrictive acceptance criteria guarantee that only the leading advisory entities with broad expertise and acting on the basis of the highest market standards may be granted the status of Authorised Adviser. An Authorised Adviser provides comprehensive substantial and organisational support to Clients seeking sources of financing on their way to New Connect or Catalyst. One of the main tasks of Authorised Advisers is to prepare the issuers for the IPO, including legal services, preparation of necessary documentation and advisory services with regard to finance and investor relations.

Cooperation with an Authorised Adviser begins with detailed analysis of the Client's situation, specification of their needs and selection of the best financing option. Then, in the case of New Connect IPOs, the best model, in fiscal and legal terms, of transformation of the company into a joint stock company is selected. The next step is the company audit (due diligence), on the basis of which the actual filing is drawn up. Then, the Authorised Adviser represents the Client in the proceedings before the competent authorities on the public market (Polish Financial Supervision Authority, National Depository for Securities). The company's debut marks the peak, but not the end, of the company's cooperation with the Authorised Adviser. During the next three years, the Authorised Adviser assists their Client in fulfilling their disclosure obligations, as well as in the interpretation of regulations and best practices.